Bridal Dressing Service Conditions

The primary purpose of this document is to indicate to you the essential features of my service and to ensure strict compliance, also to limit the initial consultation to relevant items.
  • Bouquets of Bride and Retinue should be with natural flowers.
  • Bouquets should be done by known recognized establishments.
  • I will advise you on the selection of Bouquet to suit your budget.
  • Costume design will be done in consultation with you.
  • I can recommend seamstresses whose quality of work is good, however if you know a person whose quality of work is god, you can show me a sample of their work and obtain my approval to have the garments sewn by such person.

  • For the selection of bridal sarees and other fabric, I can accompany you to only two or three establishments, prior to shopping I will advise you on prevalent prices trends etc. and establishments most likely to cater to your requirements we can thereby minimize the time spent on shopping. If you are not satisfied with the selections you may arrange with any other establishment to show the items at my salon and obtain my approval.
  • If you have selected your attire before meeting me, I will not be able to take full responsibility to dress you elegantly. Selection of fabric & style to suit your personality is my responsibility.
  • Dressing of the bride will be at the Salon.
  • If it is your desire to dress in a place of your choice, you may make a booking on the payment of an additional amount as per the price list. Provision of an undisturbed environment and adequate lighting for dressing will be your responsibility.
  • Please be informed that lighting is inadequate even in five star hotel rooms for these reasons I do not like to dress away from the salon.
  • As the entire Bridal party has to be completed according to my design, I do not allow persons outside of my direction to handle any part of the dressing as it could lead to a depreciation of the standard I have so far maintained and be detrimental to my present standing.
  • Selection of photographer is your responsibility you may peruse my Bridal Albums and make your selection.
  • You will receive my help and guidance in the selection of Jewellery.
  • It is your responsibility to take good care of the hired items and return them in good order, any loss or damage will have to be paid for at the estimated cost.
  • The time schedule prepared for dressing with due consideration to auspicious times has to be strictly adhered to.

  • A rehearsal will be performed subsequent to the receipt of bridal attire a minimum of 2 – 3 days before the function also to determine the style of hair for the occasion.
  • With your agreement to comply with the above conditions a booking can be made with a non refundable deposit.
  • Full payment should be made before the date of function.